Mathilde celebrates the sustaining power of beauty and comfort in daily life, with a collection of heirloom quilts and throws that are meditations on old traditions and new details. These European-inspired quilts and throws are hand sewn—-made of carefully curated natural materials; imported linen and 100% cotton sourced in the U.S.A. 

Trained as a graphic designer, I’ve always been sensitive to how surface textures and patterns add vitality to our everyday lives. I use a blend of influences—subtle references to structure and line elements. These blankets and throws are not only about the value of heirloom handicrafts, but are grounded in the belief of enriching our lives in work and play—every cuddly and relaxing moment at a time. These quilts are designed for layering in all seasons, as they are warm and breathable, and entirely machine washable. 

You’ll love their feel against your skin as their character develops with use, becoming ‘perfectly imperfect’, more textural, and generously soft—like your favorite pair of jeans 

soft \ˈsȯft\

pleasing or agreeable to the senses :  bringing ease, comfort, or quiet
the soft influences of home

ORIGIN : West Germanic

com·fort \
ˈkəmfərt \

1. state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint

2. a warm quilt

ORIGIN : Middle English